The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is fast developing country, with increasing demand in energy and desalinated water. The increase of nation's populations in turn increases the consumption rate of low-cost energy and desalinated water.


As per the government estimate, the total demand of the Kingdom would touch a whooping figure of 120 GW by 2032. Unless alternative energy and energy conservation measures are implemented, the overall demand for fossil fuel for power, industry, transportation and desalination are estimated to grow from 3.4 million barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2010 to 8.3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2028


Al Attas Commercial Centre endeavors to develop mixture of Sustainable renewable energy to assist in preserving Kingdom’s present resources of oil and gas for future generation.


Al Attas Commercial Centre is attracting international companies in renewable and sustainable energy, and implements strategic partnerships in the field, as well as investment into know-how, experience and technical knowledge. Al Attas Commercial Centre core concentration is in the following fields:  

  • -Solar energy

  • -Wind energy.

  • -Geothermal energy

  • -Waste to Energy


Oil Derivatives:


Al-Attas Commercial is primarily engaged in the trading of fuel oil, and petroleum products. The company integrates midstream and downstream resources in the oil and petrochemical industries to undertake commodity trading and diverse investment cooperation with the world’s major energy and raw material producing regions to establish a comprehensive energy trading system and industry value chain. Meanwhile, the company strives to integrate the midstream and downstream assets of the oil industry, gradually establishing a complete industrial chain.


Al-Attas has entered into strategic policy with a number of world re-owned energy enterprises, boasts of a professional team as well as a complete and stable trading system across the supply chain.


Oil & Renewable Energy Sector

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