Al Attas Commercial Centre has set these  objectives:

  • Add value to customers by anticipating and identifying their requirement, providing cost-effective solutions and services.

  • Continue focusing on achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction with its offerings.

  • Continue being the channel of choice for suppliers. Continue being the industry leader in the products and services that it offers.




Al Attas Commercial Centre vision to be the pioneer in the market and adapt with changing market trends in a competitive way. As an ethical and responsible establishment, we share our success with our partners and give back to communities through certified local and international non-profitable organizations.


Vision Mission

Al Attas Commercial Centre founded in 1992 in Riyadh, has establish its reputation as a provider of high-quality products and reliable services with a consistent and impressive track record of business growth in Middle East and North Africa. Our sectors of specialization includes, but not limited to Food Supply, Medical Equipment/Supplies, Oil & Renewable Energy, Construction, Consulting & Administrative Services and Information Technology.


We achieve this through collaboration with the finest suppliers from around the globe, investment into our dedicated workforce, delivery of innovative technical solutions and development of profitable relationships with our highly valued customers.


Our objectives and strategies is to participate towards our national economy, which we consider imperative role towards our country.

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